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Students make presentations about an influential Russian. The works become exhibits in a virtual museum "Russian Culture and History In Faces."

The aim of the project is to help the students realize the connection between a distinct person and the historic events he or she was involved in. The students get to know the historic and cultural context, ethics, morals and human values of different epochs. The biography of some outstanding people goes to show that meaningful events in a person's life can become the events of the whole country, its past and present.

My family in the history of my country

Project objectives:

  • develop students' interest in the history of their families;
  • impact students' cognitive and research functions;
  • personalize history - illustrate crucial historic events from the stories of their families;
  • provide an opportunity for the student and his family to work together.

During the project, students write a text, and make a presentation, telling a story from their families, relating to some of the most important events in Russian history.

Study Trips

Study trips expand students' outlooks and instill world values as well as broadening their ideas of Russian culture. Study trips involve a comprehensive introduction to the history, religion, lifestyle, cultural and natural objects, architectural monuments and the current development of both Russian regions and foreign countries.

Study trips are aimed at enhancing students' communicative, creative, reflexive and other skills, such as problem solving, teamwork, adaptability, and the capacity for independent cognition.

Study trips are carried out from grade 5 to grade 11 twice a year: one trip around Russia, the other - abroad:

5 grade6 grade7 grade8 grade9 grade10 grade11 grade
Russian manors
"Golden Ring"
Great Britain
Volga region
Moscow (independent trip)

Great Britain

Golden Ring




The Festival of Exciting Science

The Festival of Exciting Science occurs at the beginning of every school year. This project combines the efforts of both the junior and senior students. "Exciting Science" supposes a variety of forms wherein students present scientific results in an amazing presentation.

The festival involves projects in both natural sciences and the humanities. The challenge to students is to find interesting things in their chosen field and properly present their discoveries.

Students make presentations in different genres: mathematical tricks and puzzles, rebuses, physical and chemical experiments, geographic models, experiments that involve the public, exciting videos, accompanied by modern music.

Integrated Creative Projects

The aim of the integrated creative projects is to implement a complex interdisciplinary approach to different arts (music, dance, fine arts, and literature).

During the school year the students are involved in some creative project or another, which results in a final artistic event.

Implemented projects:

  • Sergei Prokofiev's "Peter & The Wolf"
  • Peter I. Tchaikovsky
  • "Language of the ballet. Ballet reform by P.I. Tchaikovsky"
  • Joh. Seb. Bach
  • The Beatles

Gorchakov Multiathlon

Gorchakov Multiathlon is a series of sport competitions in which students can show their physical fitness and will to achieve high results.

The purpose of Gorchakov Multiathlon is to promote students' interest in sports, physical training and a healthy lifestyle.

Gorchakov Multiathlon includes track and field athletics, gymnastics and swimming, and also sports like water polo, football and volleyball. It includes power, speed-strength and endurance exercises.

Gorchakov Forum

The Forum is held every autumn holiday. We invite students and their teachers, from Russia and abroad, to participate.

The aim of the Forum is to give the participants the chance to demonstrate their research and creative achievements, share the experiences and results of their project activities, and discuss a large range of issues related to modern educational technologies and schools.

The Forum breaks into three events:

  • Project presentations of school teams (grades 5 to 11);
  • Teachers' Conference;
  • Project presentations of primary school teams.

If you would like to take part in the Forum, please contact us at amgorchakov@rambler.ru.

Mariental Fortress Tournaments

Ten years have passed since the first students, now graduates of Gorchakov Memorial School, met within the walls of Pavlovsk's historical Mariental Fortress for the first tournament. Over the years, these students and many others have had great adventures: participating in knight's tournaments, contending with medieval Russian city-state armed forces, and receiving foreign envoys with Emperor Paul I. At these tournaments it was necessary to demonstrate extensive knowledge of history and to know how to properly wield weapons (ranging from swords to pistols), dance, paint, ride horses, play musical instruments, and much more.

The purpose of these tournaments is three-fold: to provide a hands-on approach to studying history, to build friendships between Gorchakov's students and those from visiting schools, and to give Gorchakov's students the opportunity to create a meaningful educational experience to share. The students fondly recall their past exploits and are eager to help new participants prepare for future tournaments. Past participants have come from many schools around the area, including Lomonosov, Pavlovsk, Pskov, Pushkin, St. Petersburg, and even from as far away as Torzhok and Ulyanovsk. Will you be next? If your school is interested in participating in a Mariental Fortress Tournament, please contact us!


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