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Educational Program


  1. To carry out the educational process in a way that guarantees that students meet the requirements of the National educational standards.
  2. To revive the educational experience of The Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum aimed at shaping and developing students' intellectual, moral and civil values.
  3. To create the framework to foster the development of individual talents of each student.
  4. To provide the framework for the students' gradual development from functional literacy through to cultural competence.
  5. To shape, maintain and develop pupils' interest in learning foreign languages.
  6. To provide opportunities for the students' pre-professional development in high school.
  7. To create the necessary conditions to ensure the students' health and personal safety and to provide the students with the knowledge and skills necessary to live a secure life in the future.

Pedagogical Conception

The basis of the educational program is a competence approach aimed at developing students' skills in general learning, self-education, problem solving, and acquiring socio-personal skills. This approach is implemented in the format of an integral program which provides systematical development in the four groups of competences: communicative, reflexive, informative and intellectual. The program is carried out through academic disciplines, a series of public examinations, study trips, games, festivals, projects, etc. The mutual work of students and teachers, teamwork, collective decision-making and active learning are considered to be key to the success of the school's educational program.


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